Bacton groynes

Bacton tide


Bacton is a really peaceful little coastal village with enough facilities to let you enjoy your stay without having to jump into the car.

Bacton BeachThe sandy beach is just 250 paces away.  If you bring your fishing kit, you can catch cod, bass and others just from the beach.  You don’t need a licence, just patience.  If you haven’t got a rod and fancy having a go, you can get set up at the fishing shop in Cromer for about 50.

Bacton General StoreBefore you go fishing, you’ll probably need some supplies such as a newspaper or a sudoku book to occupy yourself while the fish impale themselves on your hook.  The local shop is a short 5-minute stroll; maybe not even that, through the chalet park.  It’s licensed and sells beer and wines etc., so in an emergency you can get hold of some alcohol - medicinal, of course.

Bacton Fish & Chip ShopIf your fishing trip is unsuccessful, but you still want to eat fish, the Bacton Fish & Chip shop is only another 100 metres passed the local shop.  It’s very popular, particularly during the summer season and if you don’t fancy queuing, or don’t want to wait for the queue to go down, then cross the road diagonally and stroll into The Duke for a well-earned pint or a glass of wine. The Duke was originally built in 1907 as a Railway Hotel but unfortunately they forgot to build the railway

The DukeThe Duke serves food and on Sundays they have a carvery which is phenomenally popular.  A mountain of food at a very fair price.

Well, by now you’ve had a trip to the beach, a stroll to the local shop, by-passed the Fish & Chip shop, stopped off at The Duke and you’re still less than 400m from the chalet.

Walcott Road in the SpringBut there’s more! If you really want to get a walk in, instead of retracing your steps, you could turn right out of The Duke and stroll to the Walcott Road.  Turn left at the T-junction and left again thus completing the short rectangle and return to the chalet.

Total distance covered?  About 1km.

Make a pot of tea, eat a biscuit and think about what to do tomorrow.

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