Bacton groynes

Bacton tide


Abbey StreetAt the village boundary towards Walcott, on Abbey Street just look down the picturesque row of flint cottages at the ruined gatehouse.  Stroll there and have a look at the remains of Bromholm Priory.

Word is that it was once one of the most holy places in Europe.  How did it become so?  It is supposed that the priory’s Cluniac monks who were in the last stages of destitution, purchased what they were led to believe was a piece of the original crucifix of Jesus.  All this from a priest who had been wandering Europe trying to find a buyer.Entrance to Priory grounds

The monks started using the shard to cure diseases and legend has it, even raise people from the dead!  Apparently, you can read mention of it in Chaucer's ‘Canterbury Tales’. Its fame is said to have attracted pilgrims from all over Europe, including Henry III.

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