Bacton groynes

Bacton tide


Here are some of the things you can easily do using the chalet as a base.

Bromholm PrioryHave a look at Bromholm Priory in Bacton.  To get there, just walk up Mill Lane to the Walcott Road and turn left towards Walcott.  25032007147Abbey Street will be on your right a little way down.

 As you turn into Abbey Street, you’ll notice a Victorian Post Box mounted in a brick construction.

The DukeIf you need to watch things like Premiership football which is only on subscription channels, pay a visit to The Duke of Edinburgh pub.  It’s very welcoming and has a great value restaurant.  Mark and Mandy are very welcoming hosts.

On Saturday evenings, they have live music from a different performer each time, so you can grab a meal and then have your ears blasted.
On Sundays, they have a ridiculously popular carvery for which  you are well-advised to book.

To get there, you can either cut through the chalet park gate or the slightly longer walk is up to the Walcott Road, turn right and first right again.  There’s no street lighting, so remember to take the torch which is in the kitchen if you plan to stagger back after dark.

Cromer PierHead up the coast in a northerly direction for about 9 miles and you reach the well-known town of Cromer.  It offers one of the last, if not the last end-of-pierCromer Lifeboat theatres in the UK with some mildly famous entertainment acts on offer.  One of the Summer 2007 highlights was a visit by Chas & Dave, those cheeky chappies famous for their song “Rabbit”.

Famous for Cromer crabs, the seaside resort also has its own lifeboat and the whole town has a welcoming feel.  You can buy a fishing rod, crab lines and bait in the fishing supplies shop which is tucked just along the road from the Morrison’s petrol station.

Potter HeighamHave a gander at Potter Heigham which is southwards on the A149 for about 13 miles.  Here is where you’ll see the a gathering place for users of the Norfolk Broads.  You can just chill out and look at the boats going by, safe in the knowledge that because it’s a canal with locks, it’s unlikely to get flooded; unlike a greater part of England in the Summer of 2007!

Baton Fish & Chip shopIf you can’t be bothered to catch your own fish, the Bacton fish and chip shop turns out a reasonable spread.  It’s just before or just after The Duke, depending on which way you approach the pub.  Either way, it’s on the opposite side of the road.  On 9th November 2007, the coast experienced a huge swell during high tide. The good news for Bacton is that the sea defences held.  Unfortunately for the next village down, Walcott, the defences weren’t high enough and it was flooded.  The damage wiped out their fish & chip shop and restaurant.  The good news is that they have been rebuilt and the fish & chips are still good.

If you fancy fresh pork, try Nick’s farm on the quiet lanes towards Bacton church.  Nick raises pigs and makes his own pork products.  His sausages are great and are well worth a try.  To avoid confusion, it’s not Church Farm!  You can also buy his produce out of the freezer on the little shop on the Walcott Road.

In the chalet, you’ll find loads of useful information about other touristy things to do in this part of Norfolk.  I’ve recently invested in a tide clock so you can plan your walks along the long beach and fishing, at-a-glance.

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